Optimize and Accelerate the Growth of Your Workforce

The Cyber Human Capital Management Platform:  How Scriyb Works

Live Real-Time Training: Instructors can train their workforce in real-time on new technologies, latest releases, and rapidly evolving malicious tactics

Persistent Training Environment: Continuity training helps organizations keep up with the dynamic, rapidly changing world of cybersecurity and technology

Collaborative Learning: Foster interaction and collaboration to create a more personal, engaging learning experience 

AI-Powered Assessment: Analyze learner engagement and evaluate your workforce in real-time to optimize and accelerate their growth

Hands-On Learning: The cyber range can mirror an organization’s network topology, giving users a real-world training environment 

Integrate With Physical Networks: The cyber range’s dynamic architecture allows for hybrid cybersecurity environments that combine virtual machines with real-world physical devices

Demonstrate Knowledge, Skills, & Abilities: Using the cyber range, learners gain hands-on experience where they can demonstrate their proficiency for evaluation, skillset certification, and qualifications stacking

Create, Replicate, & Reuse Exercises: The cyber range makes it easy to set up and deploy personalized cybersecurity exercises, including Wireshark, Nessus, Nmap, and Red Team/Blue Team activities


A Few Reasons Clients Love Scriyb

Ease of use promotes usage and engagement

Training sessions are automatically archived, creating a continuous repository of content

Significant reduction in travel costs for trainings and enterprise development

Specialized course content can be securely stored and shared with minimal set-up

Promotes peer-to-peer interaction and collaboration


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